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  • Why The Right Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Are Vital

    Choosing the right cleaning service is imperative in providing the best clean possible for your company or home. A clean and sanitary area provides a positive and safe atmosphere. While important aspects that may factor into your decision like-cost or- looking into thebackground of a cleaning company are an obvious place to begin your journey in finding the right cleaning...

  • Winning Bids For Commercial Office Cleaning

    Before you sign a contract for commercial cleaning, you’ll likely have to provide a competitive bid against the competition. But price isn’t the only factor that helps a prospective customer to choose your company. Several other factors have a great influence on their decision including:

    * A professional website: The majority of cleaning services are...

  • Commercial Cleaning: More Than Just The Office

    When you think about cleaning companies, you usually envision the one that most people see when they are on their way out of the office at the end of the day or the one that cleans homes. But commercial cleaning companies also clean other spaces including retail stores, grocery stores, hospitals and factories.

    While office and house cleaning are...

  • How Do Commercial Cleaners Charge?

    A lot of people feel that hiring a cleaning company is a great way to spend money on something they should be doing themselves. But that’s not necessarily the case. Hiring a professional cleaning service can provide many benefits and not break the bank. It lets you focus on what is important or what makes you money.

    Another reason that people avoid hiring a...

  • Choosing A Cleaning Service: Residential Cleaning Vs. Commercial Cleaning

    Consistency is the key to keeping a home or office clean. If you don’t have a space cleaned regularly it can create a variety of issues including allergies from accumulated dust, infestation of spiders, health hazards from germs and decrease productivity. While the reasons are innumerable, most people just can’t find the time to fit cleaning into a daily routine.

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day comes around every single year and not enough attention is put on it.  This year, let’s take the time to acknowledge and celebrate it.  With society changing into “GO GREEN” mode, let’s make the BEST out ofAPRIL 22, 2011! Protecting our environment is crucial for our future, and it’s up to us to do our part and support it.

  • New York Green Cleaning Tips

    Today, many people are looking forGREEN CLEANING TIPS IN NEW YORK - and for good reason. When it comes to cleaning, many people are making the switch to natural, or 'green,' products for cleaning their homes and offices. In addition to helping the environment by using natural, sustainable ingredients, green cleaning products also help reduce the amount of toxins that people...

  • What Is Green Cleaning?

    Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products that are sensitive to all people, and do not pose any threat or harm to us or the environment.

    With today’s changing environment, Sunshine Best Clean Corp. has made it their priority to incorporate more green practices into our company.

  • Green Tips For The World Today!


    1. Lower your thermostat. Check out/invest in a programmable one.

    2. Use low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets in your