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Founded in 1985, Commercial Cleaning New York is a fully licensed and insured NYC office cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial service provider. Each of our employees goes through extensive training in order to provide our clients with outstanding New York office cleaning and janitorial services that are reliable, trustworthy, and professional at all times. We are qualified to provide specialty, New York commercial cleaning solutions such as medical cleaning and NYC building maintenance.  Our company updates our cleaning staff’s education and training on a regular basis in order to provide our clients with the best possible New York office cleaning service.

Proper NYC Office Cleaning Is Much More Than Dusting and Mopping

If you’re concerned about your employees’ health as well as the appearance of your office, it only makes sense to hire a New York commercial cleaning company that understands the difference between “looking clean” and truly being clean. If you try to do your own NYC office cleaning or hire someone who hasn’t been properly trained, you may end up with an incomplete cleaning that results in the spread of germs or an office that simply doesn’t seem sanitary. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic surfaces such as telephones and doorknobs and the use of the appropriate cleaning materials and disinfectants are just part of Commercial Cleaning New York’s dedication to giving every client exceptional New York office cleaning.

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Read what customers are saying:

What Commercial Cleaning New York really does for me is the program they have. Every time you call with a request or a complaint you speak to a live person and not to a voicemail or answering machine. Commercial Cleaning New York knows each of my properties inside and out. Commercial Cleaning New York has all of my buildings now because it seemed like they were the only vendor I had that actually cared about us.
Erika G., Portfolio Manager in Brooklyn, NY

It is so nice to know you only have to make one phone call to have any issues I have resolved. Commercial Cleaning New York makes my life easier. The company is very attentive and responsive.
Lucy M., Facility Manager on Staten Island, NY

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