Why Choose Us?

Commercial Cleaning New York’s NYC medical cleaning services will be your choice for professional medical cleaning New York for several reasons:

Proper Training

Our New York medical cleaning team undergoes thorough training in the proper treatment and disposal of blood borne pathogens and other contaminants. Every one of our NYC medical cleaning specialists is familiar with the correct type of medical cleaning services.

Prevention of Cross Contamination

Our NYC medical cleaning team is fully versed in the causes of cross contamination and how to prevent it, including the use of room and/or surface specific cleaning supplies.

Broad Spectrum Disinfection

We use broad spectrum disinfecting and sanitizing agents in order to maintain a healthy environment. Special focus on high traffic and high touch areas such as door handles, faucets, and dispensers, and restrooms.

HEPA Filtered Vacuums

HEPA filters provide improved air quality and exceptional cleaning of all vacuumed surfaces, including carpets and upholstery.

OSHA Compliance

Our New York medical cleaning staff observe all necessary protocols for OSHA compliance in a medical setting.

Medical Cleaning You Can Trust

Commercial Cleaning New York is experienced in all aspects of medical cleaning. NYC businesses that require specialized medical cleaning can rely on our professionalism and attention to the unique requirements of cleaning medical facilities. We offer New York medical cleaning services for:

  • Doctors’ offices
  • Dentists’ offices
  • Medical laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • Surgical suites
  • Medical/Office complexes

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Read what customers are saying:

What Commercial Cleaning New York really does for me is the program they have. Every time you call with a request or a complaint you speak to a live person and not to a voicemail or answering machine. Commercial Cleaning New York knows each of my properties inside and out. Commercial Cleaning New York has all of my buildings now because it seemed like they were the only vendor I had that actually cared about us.
Erika G., Portfolio Manager in Brooklyn, NY

It is so nice to know you only have to make one phone call to have any issues I have resolved. Commercial Cleaning New York makes my life easier. The company is very attentive and responsive.
Lucy M., Facility Manager on Staten Island, NY

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