When Do Our Clients Need One Time Cleaning Services?

There could be any number of different reasons why our customers need additional help and one time cleaning services in New York. Any time a customer opens a new office, expands their floor space, renovates a room, or moves their employees to new offices, there’s a good chance of a mess being left behind. Company parties, an open house, a visit from corporate management or key customers, or any special events are all good examples for needing additional New York one time cleaning services. Some companies have distinct seasonal demands or yearly or quarterly ‘crunch times’ that require extra manpower to clean up after.

A Customized Cleaning Solution

No matter the reason, we will customize a comprehensive solution for New York one time cleaning services based on your specific needs. We can include any or all of our general cleaning services, as well as any special services, like awning cleaning or parking lot cleaning, that you may require. Commercial Cleaning New York provides the same quality services whether we are needed just once or every day.

Fill out the free cleaning estimate form on this page to learn more about our professional cleaning services. We will use this information to start a dialogue in order to provide you with a variety of options for every budget.

Free Cleaning Estimate

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Read what customers are saying:

What Commercial Cleaning New York really does for me is the program they have. Every time you call with a request or a complaint you speak to a live person and not to a voicemail or answering machine. Commercial Cleaning New York knows each of my properties inside and out. Commercial Cleaning New York has all of my buildings now because it seemed like they were the only vendor I had that actually cared about us.
Erika G., Portfolio Manager in Brooklyn, NY

It is so nice to know you only have to make one phone call to have any issues I have resolved. Commercial Cleaning New York makes my life easier. The company is very attentive and responsive.
Lucy M., Facility Manager on Staten Island, NY

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